Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services Reading Superb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting
 Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services ReadingSuperb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting           


Choosing a dog walker

Not every dog walker works the same, you would think so but being in the activity for so many years I’ve heard so many from clients and dog owners that we’d like to share our experience.

Mainly you have the dog walker who does one to one, lead walk on the pavement or in the field (the worst for me as you don’t know why the dog is on the lead, usually aggressive). We don’t provide this service. It might be suitable for some dogs, well at least the owner thinks so but when I see dogs like that I feel for them, what an enjoyement to go out…When the dog can't be let off the lead due to big recall issue, it is better to find a dog walker who uses a very large enclosed field.

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