Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services Reading Superb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting
 Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services ReadingSuperb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting           

Socialising stars

Being pack animals, dogs love being with their pals. They always look forward to our group walks. What better way to break up their day! One hour walk with friends. Check our testimonials from long standing clients.



Heaven's scent

Nothing beats running around and have a good old sniff. There's plenty of time off lead for doing what dogs love best. We want them to enjoy their time with us. Check the videos.




Rest assured your 4 legged friend will have lots of safe fun. Your dog's wellbeing is especially important to us. Don't just take our word for it, enjoy our videos.




You would like your dog to join our walk.
First of all you need to make an enquiry by email. We'll then send you a questionnaire. Depending on the reply, the breed, the size, the behaviour we'll go forward or not. We have already established packs and with 17000 hours of dog walking with a large selection of breed we don't just stereotype , we have the experience. So, we'll agree or not meeting you and your dog.
If the meeting goes well and we have availability to walk your dog, he/she will join us. If not, we'll put you and your dog on the waiting list. As you can check on the testimonials, we have dogs being walked since 2010 still walked now and we don't want to do the most dog per walk.
So from there the routine is simple.

We come pick up your dog with our air-con van. They stay in separate compartiment but can see each other and smell each other. We normally walk your dog in a field, wood or park within 10mn of your place.As we collect some other dogs on the way, he/she shouldn't stay more than 30 mn in the van. The usual walk is with 6 dogs, it lasts around 1 hour (45mn when rain or very wet). Then before dropping him/her off, we give a rub down as best as we can. Thanks to leave a towel!


Sounds good to you? Contact us to start the application process as soon as possible.





Walk lunch time in group Monday to Friday : £10 per walk (full week: -20%)
or £40 for Monday to Friday walk at lunch time in group.(5 walks).

Walk morning or evening Monday to Friday: £ 13 per walk (45mn)

Walk Week-End & Bank Holiday : £15 per walk (45mn)


We don't walk between Xmas eve and New Year's day (included).

Special offer

For new client only, 50% Off first 10 lunchtime walks, Monday to Friday subject to T&C and availability. First dog of the household.

Watch our dogs playing, running, sniffing in fields and woods on Facebook.

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