Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services Reading Superb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting
 Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services ReadingSuperb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting           

your moggie, merry

Your cat is a creature of habit. If you have to go away, Paddy's Pet Services will be there - for your cat and your home.  

We've carried out over 4000 cat visits. Not smug. Confident. Check our testimonials.


your home safe

Shh! Don't tell your cat. When we pop in to feed, fuss and clean, your home looks occupied. We'll pick up your post, water plants and twitch the curtains. Mrs Moggie is entertained and your home is secure !



proof is in the purring

Nothing beats getting to your place to find your mischievous moggy purring away when they see us. He knows he'll get 100%of our attention. Don't take our word for it, watch our videos. Our visit lasts 25 minutes as we like to build a bond with your kitty.



Feline friendly

We pop in once/twice a day for 25mn. After feeding, changing water, cleaning the litter tray and checking the cat flap, we have plenty of time for making a fuss and/or playing with your friendly feline.


Interested? Contact us today for a free of charge appointment.



£16 for 2 visits per day of 25mn each

£10 for 25mn minimum visit.
£7 for 15mn minimum visit


For the Bank Holiday Day, Xmas Day, Boxing Day, etc... +100%

Get 50% off for 1st booking

What's your cat can expect from Paddy's cat visit. To find out, visit our Facebook page.

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This is a fantastic opportunity to meet your cats and your pets so they can begin to feel at ease and we can understand their full daily routines, feeding instructions, special requirements, personality traits and most importantly what they adore!
In this session we can familiarise ourselves with your cats and pet’s living quarters and ensure we know where all the necessities are stored.   We will also be able to discuss any home security services you may require and complete the cat sitting and pet sitting forms.

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