Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services Reading Superb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting
 Welcome to Paddy's Pet Services ReadingSuperb Dog Walking & Purrfect Cat Sitting           

Your family is our priority

Your family is unique. Naturally, you want the best for your four-legged family members, too. Whether you need daily dog walk or some cat sitting, we could help!


Your happiness and trust are our priorities. We'll give your furry family all the love and experienced care that we give our own. When you must be away from them, we'll do our best to be their next best thing to you - affordably.


You'll have peace of mind

Your furry friends are in good hands with Paddy's Pet Services. You'll benefit from our years of experience as pet owners and our 8 years in business: more than 17000 hours in dog walking and 4000 cat visits carried out. Not smug. Confident.

Your best friend are our friends, too. You can count on our capable hands.


Nothing but the best

With excellent care at reasonable prices, why not contact us today and let us take care or your four-legged friend? Walks and visits start from as low as £8 and £7 respectively.

Many have done it and don't look back: sorted! Check our genuine testimonials from clients you have been using our services for more than 2 years.

Chat with us. How can we help you? 



What we'll do for you

Life sometimes takes you away from your furry family. When it does, we'll be there to visit or walk - but, above all, love - your friends.

Whether you want occasional or daily care for your pal, contact us today

like you, we love pets

Like you, we treat our pets as family members. You need trust. You get no less from us than we'd expect for our own loved ones. Many of our clients have been with us for 3-4-5-6-7 years and some from Dec 2009 and still visiting today!

You can trust paddy!

You might like to know that Paddy's Pet Services is a labour of love. You'll benefit from Paddy's passion.


We treat your pets like you do - like family

Your working day should be worry-free. You should be happy on holiday.
Let us be your best friend's best friend. Speak to us to see if we can help!

Contact us today. Don't delay it, you could be sorted.



What's your cat can expect from Paddy's cat visit. To find out, visit our Facebook page.

Watch our dogs playing, running, sniffing in fields and woods on our Facebook page

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